How do I pair up my heart rate monitor to my Forerunner 305?

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The Forerunner 305 has a restart scan process where the fitness watch actively searches for the heart rate monitor (HRM). Place the HRM directly underneath the breastplate with the Garmin logo face up before you perform the restart scan.

To perform the restart scan:

  1. Go to Menu by selecting Mode
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select General
  4. Select Accessories
  5. Select Heart Rate Monitor
  6. Ensure Yes is set on the "Do you own the following?" question
  7. Press Enter on Restart Scan; by default the device will go back to the previous screen

Before you do the restart scan, it is recommended you run in place to get your heart rate up. If the HRM will still not pair:

  1. Put water on the sensors or electrolyte gel (can be purchased at most running stores).
  2. Put the sensors on your back.
  3. Ensure the Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) is tight. You will want it to be as tight as possible, without being uncomfortable.
  4. Do not wear a Polyester shirt; it is preferred that you wear a cotton shirt.
  5. Wipe off the sensor with a cloth towel. Dirt and/or sweat residue can cause pairing issues.
  6. Remove the battery from the HRM for one minute. Once it is placed back in the HRM, perform the scan.
  7. Change battery in the HRM. ensure the words on the battery are face up in the HRM.

The heart rate monitor should now be paired and reading your heart rate on the Training pages.

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