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Manuals for G3X™ for Experimental Aircraft

Manual Name Revision Revision Date Part Number Action
AHRS/Magnetometer Installation ConsiderationsCMar 2017190-01051-00Download
AutoCAD DXF Cut-out for the GDU 37XAJan 2015GDU_37X_CUTOUTDownload
AutoCAD DXF Cut-out for the GDU 45XAJan 2015GDU_45X_CUTOUTDownload
AutoCAD DXF Cut-out for the GDU 46XAJan 2015GDU_46X_CUTOUTDownload
AutoCAD DXF Cut-out for the GDU 47XAMay 2017GDU_47X_CUTOUTDownload
G3X 3D Models - .STEPJun 2018G3X-3D-STEPDownload
G3X Pilot's GuideQApr 2019190-01115-00Download
G3X Touch Pilot GuideLMar 2019190-01754-00Download
G3X/G3X Touch Installation ManualAJApr 2019190-01115-01Download
GDU 45X/46X Declaration of ConformityCMay 2018190-01650-99Download
GDU 470 Declaration of ConformityCMay 2018190-01650-09Download
GTX 23 Installation ManualHNov 2018190-00906-01Download