How do I transfer Favorites and Routes from one device to another using Garmin Express?

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Garmin Express can transfer Favorites and Routes1 from one compatible device to another. Before transferring information, a backup for each device should be completed in Garmin Express. To create a backup, see the FAQ How do I back up and/or restore my saved addresses, favorites, or routes on my automotive device? Once a backup is performed, the information can be transferred to another compatible device.

To transfer a backup to another device:

  1. Click the Home icon in Express
  2. Click the device that will receive the transfer
  3. Click the Tools icon
  4. Scroll down to the Transfer Favorites section
  5. Select the original device in the From: drop-down list
  6. Select the date of a previous backup in the other drop-down list
  7. Click the Transfer Now button

The saved Favorites and Routes from the original device will be copied to the receiving device. Disconnect the device and power it on to view the transferred information. If some information is missing or not in the correct format, the receiving device may not support it.

1Routes will only display on devices that support multiple stop routing. Trips may not transfer from one device to another.

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