Why won't Garmin Express recognize the SD card?

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Garmin Express has the ability to install City Navigator NT map updates to a microSD / SD card inserted in a compatible device. If there is a problem with the SD card or the computer's USB configuration, Garmin Express may fail to detect the card.

To troubleshoot this issue:

  • Confirm the GPS device supports this process. See the FAQ Can I load maps directly to an SD card during a map update?
  • Verify the SD card is within size limits and has sufficient available space for the update. Refer to the FAQ What is the largest size Secure Digital (SD) card that an automotive device can accept?
  • Ensure the card is inserted into the Garmin device and it is pushed in all the way. Some devices have a spring-loaded slot that will click softly when the card is fully inserted. Garmin Express will not detect SD cards inserted into a separate memory card reader on the computer.
  • Take steps to ensure the computer's USB configuration is as simple as possible:
    • Do not use a USB hub or extension cable
    • Use the USB ports on the back of the computer if using a desktop PC
    • Unplug all USB devices except for the mouse and keyboard (including the Garmin device), reboot the computer, and try again
  • Try a different USB port on the computer
  • Format the microSD/SD card. See the FAQ How do I format a microSD/SD card?
  • Try using a different SD card
  • Run Garmin Express on a different computer

A functioning SD card should be detected if these troubleshooting steps are taken.

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