How do I put my outdoor mass storage device into Garmin Spanner mode?

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When connected to a computer, some Garmin outdoor mass storage devices automatically go into USB mass storage mode. This allows data to transfer between the computer and device. However, the unit will not be operational while in this mode. If you would like to use your device while connected to the computer, the device will need to be placed in Garmin Spanner mode.

To put the device in Garmin Spanner mode*:

  1. Select Setup from the Main Menu
  2. Select System
  3. Select Interface
  4. Select Garmin Spanner

Once Garmin Spanner is selected, the device will prompt users to choose whether or not they wish to enter USB mass storage mode every time the device is connected to the computer. If No is selected, then the unit will be operational while connected to the computer. However, no data can be transferred between the computer and device until the device is restarted in USB mass storage mode.

*Some devices may require a software update before Garmin Spanner mode appears as an option. For assistance updating device, see the FAQ "How do  I update the internal operating software of my Garmin Outdoor Device?"

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